My Funeral Song

Tomorrow is the first round,

the day I might go,

so thanks to you all

is my time to go,

here’s my funeral song.


The only regret I have,

is that I’ve been a bad son.

I could’ve been a better one,

but I’d have missed all the fun.

Sorry mom.


In my life I did everything I wanted to do.

Sometimes was hell but mainly was paradise,

I created my own paradise, my own world,

where nobody could enter or destroy.


The King of a castle in the clouds, I’ve been.

Nobody ever got there, but me.

Nobody ever could reach me.

Such a lonesome life you might say,

But it was such a pretty life in the end.


Some’d miss me, some’d not,

Some’d cry, some’d laugh,

I’ll miss you all,

But please don’t cry,

I’ll go glad, I’m going happy.

I never tried to do harm, sorry if I did,

I was a demon-angel, owner of my own paradise.


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