The same girl that asked me what 3 songs defines my life, ask me what plans do I have in my life. And well with a very bad english I answered:


And well as for me I’ve never planned anything. When I was a kid for some reason I always thought that  I was going to live just till 16 years old! haha I don’t know why, but well I did all what I wanted it and when I turn 17 it was like what?? And now? I’ve been kinda lost since then. I’m in college but i don’t know, I feel like I should’ve die at 16. I always think about that. And well I still don’t have planned anything, i just can’t. And it’s not for that “fear” of dissapointment, it’s just that I don’t feel like doing it. I’m a musician and a writer but it’s not my dream to be famous, sometimes it is yes. But if someone ask me what my dream is, if i have one, well it’d be just to be happy, yeah that’s what I want just to be happy and nothing else, I don’t want money or any other stuff, I just want to be in peace. Any plans of how i’m gonna do it? Well none, I just don’t know, I guess i’ll see what the life will bring and fight against the stream when it’s necessary. 


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