John Lennon & George Harrison last pic together, “Listen to this Balloon” incident.

Sometime during the tail end of December 1974, the papers were finally drawn up for The Beatles to officially dissolve – It was agreed upon that since 3 Beatles would be in New York City during that time period, they should get together and sign the document dissolving the band. Ringo was in London and already signed so on the given day and time, George (who was in town for his “Dark Horse” tour) and Paul showed up at some hotel to sign the papers and they waited, and waited, and waited for John. George got pissed and called him and John wouldn’t come to the phone and had May Pang take the call(s). John said something about his astrologer  said the stars weren’t right and others said that the real reason that John didn’t show was that the agreement meant that he, as a US resident, would shoulder the tax burden, or so he was told (he hadn’t yet gotten his green card) , and instead he finally sent a balloon over which read “Listen To This Balloon”. George, already dealing with a stressful tour, told John essentially to shove it and they barely spoke after that incident.

But later that night, Julian Lennon attended George’s show and called to pass a message along to John: all was forgiven. John then showed up, per George’s invitation, at the tour wrap party on December 20 at Club Hippopotamus. This was the last documented occurence of John, Paul and George being together.

Here it is an interview taken from the Playboy Magazine interview with Paul, in 1984. “Then there was the time when we had all arrived for the bigdissolution meeting in the Plaza Hotel in New York. There were green-baize tables–like the Geneva Conference it was–with millions of documents laid out for us to sign. George had just come off tour, I’d flown in specially from England, Ringo had flown in specially, too, I think, and. . . John wouldn’t show up! He wouldn’t come from across the park! George got on the phone, yelled, “Take those fucking shades off and come over here, you!” John still wouldn’t come over. He had a balloon delivered with a sign saying, LISTEN TO THIS BALLOON. It was all quite far out.”

Here’s the last pic of them together, might have been taken on December 1974. It was so sad that after 1974 they barely spoke and might seen each other just one last time on 1979 or 1980, especially with the “I Me Mine” biography book by George, John was really hurt for not be named on the book. But the love remains and as Yoko Ono said “John loved George and George loved John. Their friendship was very special” and will be forever and ever. They were the inner seekers and explorers of The Beatles after all.

5 comentarios on “John Lennon & George Harrison last pic together, “Listen to this Balloon” incident.”

  1. Tom dice:

    George didn’t see John in 1979 or 1980. When George and Ringo were guests on Aspel and Co in 1988, George said he hadn’t seen John “in a couple of years” before John’s murder. George also said in an August 1979 LA press conference promoting his “George Harrison” album that he hadn’t seen John “in two or three years.”

  2. […] toda una entrada sobre esta última foto y sus razones, si quieren saber más visiten acá. Ésta es la última foto de ellos dos tomada por la novia de Jesse Ed Davis’ en el Troubador […]


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